I don't know how they did it, but somehow the international press managed to find this site in this tiny place in the Wide World Wide Web. Moreover, they decided they had to review it in their paper and they turned out to be so friendly (something one wouldn't expect from journo's) to give me the review as well.

Also this site received a few awards, you know: those things that appear all over the web to show something on the quality of your site. Those honours are listed here as well.

* "Rarely seen such a highly subversive site." Rotterdams Dagblad.

* "Just another site to show that the moral awareness of today's people is getting worse and worse." The Torygraph

* "More desperate than amusing." Suddeutsche Zeitung

* "Don't waste your time visiting this place." Crack Whore Magazine

* "We still prefer sites like 'Victor's parade of flowers in South East Manhatten'." New York Times.

* "Mr Roelofs' attempts to prolong adolescence beyond all previous limits are well reflected on his homepage." Le Monde

* "Disgusting." Magazine of the Society for the Easily Offended

* "The owner of this site will definitely go to hell." Christian Science Monitor

* "Must say we're glad that this bloke lives 16,000 kilometers from our beautiful place." Bullamakanka Bush Telegraph

* "Once again we'd like to plea for censorship on the WWW." Sydney Morning Herald

* "Just hit the back button of your browser." Snake Gully Border Post

* "The guy might have run by renaming his page to Planet Pino, but he can't hide. Still stay outta there!" Corriere della Sera

* Magalan One Star Site

* Bottom 1 % of the Web

* Moron Web Ring (award refused)

* alt.tasteless Site of the Year, 1997

* Geocities 'We want this site to be removed off the server' Award, December 1997

* Nomination for the 'Keileweg Awards' 1998

* Zum Kotzen 'Site of the Day', 29 February 1998

* Web Programmers Association 'Bug Off Award', March 1998

* Microshaft 'General Warning: don't visit this site' certificate, as from November 25 1998

* Titanic Navigation Award, 8 December 1998 Thanks Boonie!

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